Faith is strength,
Always keep faith,
It will never let you down…
Though it is invisible,
Has invisible power…

O Lord, my faith in you grows deeper;
As I marvel at each miracle of life…
Your divine grace and power so great,
Stronger faith comes as you give and take…

Blessings that comes with such appreciation;
Love, Joy and peace untold declarations…
Your mighty hand works without fail,
I offer heartfelt praise and worship to avail…

Give me faith shall never fail,
One that shall always work by love;
And then whatever fears assail,
They shall but higher courage to move…
More boldly for the truth to strive,
And more by faith in Thee to live…

Liana Sera Saiju | 14/Jan/2024


To be a light in a Dark World

Being a light in the world is not just about doing good deeds but also about reflecting on Christ’s teachings of kindness and compassion. Every small act of kindness can have a ripple effect on others, positively impacting their lives and inspiring them to do the same. Whether it’s standing up for others, helping them with their problems and difficulties or just by distinguishing yourself from everyone else around you. These acts of kindness can make a difference in someone’s day. By being a light in the world, we can spread positivity and love, making the world a better place for all

Johan Elijah Justin




Jesus Christ teachings in the Bible shows the compassion, generosity and empathy towards others. The teachings of Jesus inspired many people to practice kindness in their life. Jesus teaches compassion through his parables such as the good Samaritan where a person helped a wounded stranger. Jesus emphasizes the importance of mercy and compassion no matter the social or cultural differences.

Jesus preached about showing love and forgiveness to everyone, He encouraged them to love their neighbours as themselves. Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick and taught us to help those in need without expecting anything in return.

Another teaching of Jesus was humility. He washed disciples feet and taught us the importance of service and to consider ourselves as servants rather than seeking high positions or statues. The teachings of Jesus Christ regarding kindness, continues to spread across cultures and generations. They serve as guiding light, inspiring countless people to practice kindness in their interactions with others.

In essence, kindness serves as a practical manifestation of the virtues taught by Jesus Christ creating a positive impact on individuals and communities by promoting compassion, love, forgiveness, generosity, humility and service.

Concepts such as the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you” highlights the importance of treating others with kindness and empathy. In conclusion, Jesus teachings emphasize a true inspiration for others to become a better person.

Jovina Saiju



As we Christians, it’s our duty from the heavenly Father to shine light out bright for the world. When we speak about giving light to those around us, it is one of the great gospel images of discipleship; it’s a great replica of showing that Christ is in us. As we are made in His own image, and thus we behave and act like Him.

In order to be a light to the world, it can be done by doing and saying what the Messiah did. Such as sharing the gospel to those who are unaware about Jesus, or performing tiny acts of kindness such as forgiving, being patient and kind, which will eventually be passed on to everyone around the world.

As stated in Matthew 5:16 our light is not meant to be kept hidden, it is suppose to shine in front of the whole world, displaying the skills and image that Christ had in him. Even through the darkest times, you light must shine, as it should be an encouragement that showcases that Christ performs in us, even in our most upset times.

Having excellent faith also works well, as these characteristics are noticed by the outer world, that when they see our acts, they should see Christ in us, and start acting the same so that they, too, might become a light to the world.
When we compare ourselves to Jesus, he is also a light for us, as he was the only way that led us to the heavenly Father, thus just like him, it’s also our responsibility to use our light ad bring many towards his kingdom.

Christy Boby 



Though like batman Jesus does not get along with the devil because he hurts us quite a lot, Jesus won a special battle, He died, rose again and won the final victory. It’s our gain and devil’s loss.

Jesus is our superhero, He helps us out in every ways. He lives inside of us through His spirit. We should love Him because He died for us.

My hero is Jesus Christ and there is only one person who could be my hero. My hero is Lord and savior Jesus Christ. There is not and will never be a better hero than Jesus Christ, as He died for me… and I have no one to thank more.

God made all things and He loves everyone so much, God is so good and He helps us in every way. He gives us the opportunity to go to heaven through Jesus Christ. He gave us the bible to learn more about Him.

I love my Jesus!

by: Daivik Menon – Class 5

A Letter from Goliath

From                                                                                                       1000 B.C.

Goliath of Gath,
6 feet under the ground,
Gath City,
Country of the Philistines.

Future Goliaths,
Anywhere in the world.

Dear future Goliaths,
This is the story of my short life. One day I was minding my own
business when I got a special invitation from none other than His
Majesty, King of Gath. He invited me to be part of a special
operation. He wanted me to accompany his army to a battle against
the Israelites, our supercilious neighbours. The king probably
thought that with my size there would be no battle at all and that
Israelites would run and hide in their dens. Then all we needed to
do was scoop the spoil.

You should have seen the grandeur of our army. The banners waving,
the trumpets sounding, the thud thud of marching feet…. I too
marched along, the entire village looking at me. You see I just so
happened to dress like a metal ninja. I had these weapons
specially ordered from Ashkelon. The spearhead alone had to be
carried in a wagon because it was too heavy for the people to
carry it. My armour made a clingy clangy sound as I marched. You
should have seen the creatures scurrying here and there.

We got there just in time to face those pesky Israelites. Me and
my lads camped on one hill only to find Saul herding his boys on
the other one. I thought it would be fun to have Saul come down
here for a duel. I could have flattened him like a bread. I made
the announcement loud and clear and I waited and waited and
waited…. Do you know for how long? For 40 solid whole days.

I think they hurriedly scrolled through my facelook. My enormosity
had scared them and they scuttled back like chickens and hid
behind everything and anything they found. I thought they gave up.
Guess what? After 40 days His Majesty King Saul brought a wee boy
and said that he was going to fight me. I heard that the boy was a
shepherd. Can you imagine this undersized boy challenging me?

Do you know what the most absurd part was? The boy had brought some sticks and stones to fend me away. He even mumbled something
about his great God, Jehovah who was going to protect him. I
stood there dazed, I did not want to lose my honour fighting this
minion. I heard that his name was David ben Jesse. I told the
little brat to step aside and let a real man come and fight me.
But he wouldn’t budge.

I told my sidekick carrying my armour to get everything ready.
That was the day for my name to go down in history as ‘Goliath
the Greatest’. I stood there pitying that little kid and
pondering my next move when that little imp sent something
flying. I thought it was His Majesty Saul’s signet ring being
sent as a surrender signal. I wish it really was. Splat! I felt
something enter my brain and come out through my skull. It was a
moss covered, stinky stone. Thus ended my existence…. My
existence as a champion, warrior, giant. Me becoming a
thingamajig. My god Dagon failed me!

That son of Jesse could have left me alone at least after he
ended my existence. He had to carry my head around his town.
Their townswomen were exuberant and started to sing “Saul has
killed his thousands and David his tens of thousands,” mildly
infuriating their master Saul. All the while….my poor head being
paraded. It took quite a number of my comrades to carry my body
back to my village.

I had to find out about this boy who dared to challenge me and
utterly obliterate me. Of course I did not have any other thing
to do to kill my time in the grave. It turns out this shepherd
boy, David ben Jesse worships a very big and mighty God. This God
even cares about little shepherd boys who worship him. He had
given them a special book called a “Law book”. Anyone who reads
it would become fearless and successful. My god Dagon never did
anything like that, even when we bow and cut and cry before him.
My strength and power did not have a chance before this Jehovah
God. I learnt it in a horrible way!

Hence I write this letter to all the future Goliaths not to be
like me and face the same end as me!

Of course there are other bravest things you could do like reuniting my body with my head!

Joan Shekina Justin


Piper, the viper…

Hi, my name’s Piper. I am a viper. Before I tell you my story I would like you to guess who I am.. No I am not the snake from the garden of Eden.. No, I am not the bronze serpent from Moses’s time, that was my great-great grandfather.. To be fair he was older than just two greats but for the sake of my reader I will not explain in detail.. Honestly, I do not know what my grandfather did to get a bronze sculpture of him in the middle of the wilderness with the power to heal the Israelites…

Anyway, Let’s get on with my story. I live on a tiny island called Malta with my family.. Everything was going normal until the day of the shipwreck.. It was a cold rainy day.I was in my home minding my own business sipping rainwater (It is a delicacy among vipers). Suddenly I heard a bang.. Well, I actually did not hear it cause vipers do not have ears but I felt a bang..

I slithered outside just to have a peek at what was happening. Turns out, a ship has crashlanded onto my island. A few people came crawling out from the wreckage and the natives that usually live over here being the kind humans they are, welcomed them with open arms.. They gave the foreigners some food and started a fire.

There was a certain man within the group of foreigners named Paul. I have heard many stories about him like he could heal the sick , cure the blind , and was a follower of Jesus. The tales of how God has saved Israelites from the Egyptians and gave them many promises are still being told today within my family..

So naturally when I saw him, I was over the moon. Then Paul came close to me and my heart started beating rapidly,but then I realized he was coming close to my house. I figured that he would like to come in and have a cup of rainwater . Just as I was about to approach him to invite him for rainwater, he bent down and took my roof!! The Nerve!! I was so stunned that I didn’t realize that he was heading towards the fire and threw my roof into it! I headed towards him partly because I was so cold and wanted warmth and partially because my roof was burning.

I settled in his arm but I couldn’t quite remember whether I bit him or not. Before you can say ” oh, that was so mean, you shouldn’t have done that,” blah blah, i’ll remind you that I was just reacting to a potential threat same like how you humans get upset when assigned extra homework on the weekends. Looking back I do regret my decision very much.

But the weird thing was that when I was on Paul’s hand, the natives of the land started murmuring to each other that Paul was a murderer. Just a few minutes ago they were welcoming him as if he was a big Panda and now treating him like they saw an Anaconda.

Paul didn’t take any notice of the situation and just flung me into flames like I was just a piece of rope .. Of course I forgave him considering that he didn’t mean it on purpose but it was just his natural instinct.

I slithered out of the fire sustaining only minor injuries. I watched him from a distance waiting for something bad to happen,perhaps lose conscious or some swelling.. But turns out nothing happened!

He was as good as he was before. Whereas the natives started muttering among themselves like he was a god! The next few days I followed him, marveling whenever he healed the sick and preached about Jesus.

Now you may be wondering “Why are you telling me all this”? Well my dear reader, on that day I realized 2 things..

1st is that God protects his people and always has a plan for them , not a plan to destroy them but a plan to give them peace and hope . God works in mysterious ways that not always will be clear for us.. When Paul was sailing to Rome, God changed his course and brought him to malta to preach to the natives and save them.. Doing so, Paul managed to bring a lot of people into His light.. The least we can do when we go through our own storms of life is to not become despaired and hold on to the faith that God has a plan and will guide you wherever you go….
2nd was that humans are the more advanced version of a chameleon.. Seriously, at first the natives welcomed Paul and his friends as they were a lost family then claimed that Paul was a murderer and then considered him as a god!! I do not think I can or will understand humans…..

Anaways, it is getting late and I have to go back to my home..Good bye for now..
P.S I built a new roof. Turns out the old roof harbored a nest of termites and I am deathly allergic to those.. Like I said, God always has a plan,not just any plan but a good plan….


Garden of Eden

Oh, how splendid! how beautiful
You are so much colorful
Hearing the birds sing
So much joy it bring

Rivers flowing peacefully
But a person entered deceitfully
Our first parents failed in the test
They were thrown out of their nest

A place of joy
Thought none could destroy
A place of melody
Ended up in a tragedy

Where sin enters glory is lost
And we have to pay the cost
Receive Christ and flee from madness
He refills us with the oil of gladness!


Behold I Come

A human takes birth, passes through various phases through infanthood, toddler, teenage hood, adulthood and elderly hood and it becomes into a sort of going with the tides of cares of this life. It’s too easy to go with that flow and not pause to think or retrospect or regarding what is really reality and what isn’t. It is way too easy to expect a sort of eternity within the seams of routine, within eat, sleep, work, study, socially interact and repeat and within such a life we have made our lives easier through preplanning them all out.

And it’s often too easy to spiritually sleep, while finding a form of constancy and security on different temporary things in life, be it financially, or in the form of family or parents or well the options are endless.

It is way too easy for us to repeat the sins which had been repeated in the past by Israelites in the times where prophet Jeremiah was around. In Jeremiah 2:23 we find the Israelites being pointed out for two sins;
One, forgetting that the real form of constancy and eternity is to do with God and
Two- finding a form of security in reservoirs of things in life even if they were just broken cisterns at the end of the day.

Since we all are surrounded by culture and environment which is set in stone to play out according to the world system of the prince of the air, it’s even more easier to be spiritually blinded and asleep.

Sometimes it’s when we have certain crisis, breakdowns, like a health issue or job loss or loss of loved ones, finally we may have a break from this stream of eternal seeming cares of life and that’s when we really see how much of our security and belief of constancy and reassurance was put in a temporary element.

In such moments we often would find difficult to accept the reality as it is since we have been putting our assurance in a broken cistern and it take so much energy to get out of the status quo to notice that is broken. Perhaps in the past the well might have been working but not anymore.

This is a major significant reason why we could comfort ourselves in preparing to be present in the fullest form of the kingdom of God during Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming. Because during this period we can totally expect a constancy and security from the presence of the fount of living waters – God. And hence the verse below gains much meaning because the main source of pain is via expecting a constancy from a temporary aspect of life.

“And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, “Behold , the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” Revelation 21:3-4

The second coming of Jesus isn’t given any specific time and this indeed is still an unanswered question among many who are unaware of the Biblical context.

“For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night.” (1 Thessalonians 5:2)

“The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night…” (2 Peter 3:9-10)

God’s immense form of longsuffering ought to be held in wonder and awe. But also in my opinion there is a reason why the timing is not said. It is just so that we would be prepared for the coming of the Lord anytime so that we would be diligent in any blessing that God has given to us steadfastly.

Consider this parable which Jesus said.
“Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his master will make a ruler of his household, to give them their portion of food in due season?
Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes.
But if that servant says in his heart, ‘My master is delaying his coming’. And begins to beat the male and female servants, and to eat and drink and be drunk,

The master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him, and at an hour when he is not aware…”
(Luke 12:42-43, 12:45)

One would be able to decipher out that the faithful servant believed his master’s return was imminent while the evil servant has given room to complacency in his heart which leads him to becoming unfaithful in his work.

May each one of us be sober and build our relationship with Christ, the way , the truth, the life, to examine our paths we walk in – whether we have given room to complacency of keeping things for tomorrow or whether we have given Christ to dwell in our heart in every aspect of life.