Though like batman Jesus does not get along with the devil because he hurts us quite a lot, Jesus won a special battle, He died, rose again and won the final victory. It’s our gain and devil’s loss.

Jesus is our superhero, He helps us out in every ways. He lives inside of us through His spirit. We should love Him because He died for us.

My hero is Jesus Christ and there is only one person who could be my hero. My hero is Lord and savior Jesus Christ. There is not and will never be a better hero than Jesus Christ, as He died for me… and I have no one to thank more.

God made all things and He loves everyone so much, God is so good and He helps us in every way. He gives us the opportunity to go to heaven through Jesus Christ. He gave us the bible to learn more about Him.

I love my Jesus!

by: Daivik Menon – Class 5

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