Faith is strength,
Always keep faith,
It will never let you down…
Though it is invisible,
Has invisible power…

O Lord, my faith in you grows deeper;
As I marvel at each miracle of life…
Your divine grace and power so great,
Stronger faith comes as you give and take…

Blessings that comes with such appreciation;
Love, Joy and peace untold declarations…
Your mighty hand works without fail,
I offer heartfelt praise and worship to avail…

Give me faith shall never fail,
One that shall always work by love;
And then whatever fears assail,
They shall but higher courage to move…
More boldly for the truth to strive,
And more by faith in Thee to live…

Liana Sera Saiju | 14/Jan/2024


Garden of Eden

Oh, how splendid! how beautiful
You are so much colorful
Hearing the birds sing
So much joy it bring

Rivers flowing peacefully
But a person entered deceitfully
Our first parents failed in the test
They were thrown out of their nest

A place of joy
Thought none could destroy
A place of melody
Ended up in a tragedy

Where sin enters glory is lost
And we have to pay the cost
Receive Christ and flee from madness
He refills us with the oil of gladness!



You can find me in Israel, Egypt, Lebanon,
I’m really tall and am someone quite well known.

My ethereal leaves are heart shaped,
My figs that I yield are commonly craved.

I was well looked after at King David’s orders at western foothill,
Cedar and I were the celebrities according to King Solomon’s will.

I was also well cared for and tended by prophet Amos,
Prophet Isaiah chose me in showing Israel’s rebellious heart and chaos.

In Jesus’ time a Zaccheus was at a loss,
For around Jesus, crowds heavily buzzed on their toes.

For Zaccheus was really a man of short stature,
I thanked god for my height of twenty meter.

At the peak of my vainful glory,
It should have been the end of my story.

For as swift as the winds of east,
My branches wilted, and I shrunk and creased.

“Behold this is my begotten Son,” a Voice cried,
“Will you not repent? To my children will you be stumbling block so defiant?”

The voice shook my leaves with a tingling,
I let myself be held by Zaccheus, preventing him from falling.

I thought I’d be dead the moment Lord cast his eyes here,
When He said, ‘Zaccheus come down,’ I trembled in fear.

But soon the fear was replaced with peace
“So it shall be to anyone whose feet shorn with good news’ piece,”
Said the Voice to me pleased.

A Guide Through The Darkest Midst!!

Jesus, a friend at the deepest of realms
His love and compassion overwhelm.
In times of darkness, when hope seems to fade,
With open arms, He comes to our aid.

Bound by faith, an eternal bond!
His words of wisdom a treasure untold.
With every step, by our side
Guiding us through, the thunderous ride.

When storms rage and troubles abound,
Jesus a friend is constantly found.
Calming the seas with a touch of his hand,
Whispering peace as he demands.

A friend who listens with a compassionate ear,
He soothes our worries, erasing every tear.
In his reign we find our rest,
Knowing a friend who knows us the best.

Jesus a friend beyond earthly measure,
His divine love an incomparable treasure.
No other companion can fill this deep void,
His presence, a joy that cannot be destroyed.



In the shadows of despair, Akeldama’s domain,
A place where darkness thrives and sorrows remain…
A haunting realm where secrets lie entwined,
Beneath a moonless sky, lost souls unwind…

Within its depths, the whispers echo deep,
Of broken dreams and promises weep…
The soil tainted by blood, a crimson stain,
A testament to the pain that still remains…

Akeldama, the field of remorse and regret,
Where choices are made that we can’t forget…
The price of betrayal, a heavy toll,
Condemned to wander, burdened souls…

Yet in this desolate land, there lies a tale,
Of redemption sought amidst the gale…
For even in Akeldama’s somber embrace,
Hope flickers, seeking solace and grace…

In the darkest hour, a glimmer of light,
Guiding lost souls through the eternal night…
For in Akeldama, there’s a chance to find,
Forgiveness and redemption, intertwined…

So let us not fear the depths of this place,
For Akeldama’s sorrow can be embraced…
In the journey to heal, to mend what’s been torn,
We find strength to rise, reborn…

Akeldama, a canvas of anguish and pain,
A reminder that hope can still remain…
In the tapestry of shadows, a story unfolds,
Of redemption’s power, forever untold…

Amazing Grace — the story behind the lyrics

In the year 1725 was John Newton born
Nurtured in the Word by his devout Mom
But she left for her eternal Home one new morn
Ere the young Newton was all but seven

His father was a mariner at sea
And found no time to stop and see
The growing need of the young Newton
Who by eleven was broken, wild and full of sin

To keep the growing teen from the snares
His father coaxed him to join him at sea
But young Newton was more reckless than when onshore
And tried in vain to break loose and free

Enslaved body and soul, Newton found no reprieve
When left to toil on West African soil
And grew more depraved, ruthless and in despair
Till he set sail again homeward bound

A raging storm at sea cast fear all around
And Newton called out to his once dear Lord
Who calmed the sea and saved the bound
And steered them safe to solid ground

God then set to restore and heal
And helped young Newton grow in zeal
To break the chains of those in need
And calm the soul with the Word to feed

And one night as Newton mused on the love of Jesus
His spirit swelled and birthed the lines of Amazing Grace
Echoing Newton’s testimony that he was a great sinner
Saved, restored,healed, and forgiven by God’s Amazing Grace.

Facing toward Christ’s eternity

When I tried to open a box file
It was like moving a mountain by a mile
I dived into frustration, a foolish distraction
When I tried to steer steering wheel of car
I couldn’t see what lay on the road ahead
With much dread I was, snow blanketing overhead.

It is a walking journey
If I keep my eyes way too close near me
I don’t see people , I’d be too self absorbed
If I keep my eyes way above me
I don’t see here I walk, I stumble and be floored

I have to keep moving on
For if blood doesn’t flow through its vessels
Nice and steady
An abrasion awaits , an attack of coronary

Lot’s wife looked back
Stuck in the past, a future vision she lacked
So was Balaam and Achan
Whose greed got them stuck like the waters, not like that of sea of Galilee—
But the waters which are of the Dead sea
Too much salinity and toxicity and inflammation and stagnancy
Not fit for life in such continuing impurity

This is why Paul looks forward
To Christ and eternity
Our vision set fixed on someone so trustworthy
This is why seven maidens waited with oil
Looking forward to the arrival of bridegroom

Now I try to open a box file
I don’t get too paranoid, I hear His voice
Follow Christ’s lead
Now I try to steer he driving wheel
Snow steadily removed with windshield
My eyes don’t leave my road to
The ultimate kingdom of heaven and eternity.

  • Angel Anto

The Only Hope

In the midst of trouble,
You give me comfort.
You are greater than tall peaks,
And the tall trees.
In my sadness and my happiness,
Never will you leave me to be.
Every step I take, giving me strength,
To keep going no matter what it takes.
You guide me, and I follow,
Blinded by the dark, into the hallow,
I am grateful that you are with me,
Now that I am sharing your wonders in this poem.

Let’s always be thankful

Let’s all always praise God (3)
For Jesus our Lord
Hallelujah let’s praise our God, Glory to Jesus coz he is always great (2)
Let’s always love God (3)
For Jesus our Lord
For He loves us
Hallelujah let’s praise our God
Glory to Jesus for he is always great
Hallelujah let’s praise our God
Let’s always give thanks (3)
For let’s praise God
Hallelujah let’s Praise our God Glory to Jesus coz He is always Great (2)
Hallelujah let’s Praise our God Glory to Jesus coz He is always Great (2)

I am thankful

Therefore I am thankful to God
In trouble you help me
In trouble you help me
God you are the Mighty of Gods
In trouble you help me (2)
God you are the Mighty of Gods
In trouble you help me (2)
When I sing & shout to the Lord
In trouble you help me
In trouble you help me
When I sing and shout to the Lord
In trouble you help me (2)
When I lift my hands to the Lord
In trouble you help me (2)
When I lift my hands to the Lord
In trouble He helps me
In trouble He helps me
In trouble He helps me
In trouble He He helps me