Perseverance & Determination

It is all about Perseverance & Determination – Boy with 5 loaves and 2 fishes was aware of his humble situation, and so he preserved it till the end. He must have thought how small and worthless possession he had in that multitude of many prominent personalities and famous preachers… still he never hesistated to throw his gift or conceal it on call…

He stood up with what he had upon the call of His master and that made the difference… Heaven’s maths worked !! 5 loaves of bread + 2 fishes = 5000+ meals !!

Be ready to stand-up with your gifts upon call of your master!! And the rest will be a marvel miracle!!


A Basketball player repeatedly dribbles the ball before he scores… As the ball hits the floor repeatedly, neither does it depress itself nor does it give away…the ball knows for sure that it is well controlled and directed by the player and that it will be used by its master to score !!

In our life we may be hit down or even re-directed from our own plans… But as long as our Master controls us, we need not quit or give up… Our Master is sure to destine us to hit the eternal score…