As we Christians, it’s our duty from the heavenly Father to shine light out bright for the world. When we speak about giving light to those around us, it is one of the great gospel images of discipleship; it’s a great replica of showing that Christ is in us. As we are made in His own image, and thus we behave and act like Him.

In order to be a light to the world, it can be done by doing and saying what the Messiah did. Such as sharing the gospel to those who are unaware about Jesus, or performing tiny acts of kindness such as forgiving, being patient and kind, which will eventually be passed on to everyone around the world.

As stated in Matthew 5:16 our light is not meant to be kept hidden, it is suppose to shine in front of the whole world, displaying the skills and image that Christ had in him. Even through the darkest times, you light must shine, as it should be an encouragement that showcases that Christ performs in us, even in our most upset times.

Having excellent faith also works well, as these characteristics are noticed by the outer world, that when they see our acts, they should see Christ in us, and start acting the same so that they, too, might become a light to the world.
When we compare ourselves to Jesus, he is also a light for us, as he was the only way that led us to the heavenly Father, thus just like him, it’s also our responsibility to use our light ad bring many towards his kingdom.

Christy Boby 

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