Facing toward Christ’s eternity

When I tried to open a box file
It was like moving a mountain by a mile
I dived into frustration, a foolish distraction
When I tried to steer steering wheel of car
I couldn’t see what lay on the road ahead
With much dread I was, snow blanketing overhead.

It is a walking journey
If I keep my eyes way too close near me
I don’t see people , I’d be too self absorbed
If I keep my eyes way above me
I don’t see here I walk, I stumble and be floored

I have to keep moving on
For if blood doesn’t flow through its vessels
Nice and steady
An abrasion awaits , an attack of coronary

Lot’s wife looked back
Stuck in the past, a future vision she lacked
So was Balaam and Achan
Whose greed got them stuck like the waters, not like that of sea of Galilee—
But the waters which are of the Dead sea
Too much salinity and toxicity and inflammation and stagnancy
Not fit for life in such continuing impurity

This is why Paul looks forward
To Christ and eternity
Our vision set fixed on someone so trustworthy
This is why seven maidens waited with oil
Looking forward to the arrival of bridegroom

Now I try to open a box file
I don’t get too paranoid, I hear His voice
Follow Christ’s lead
Now I try to steer he driving wheel
Snow steadily removed with windshield
My eyes don’t leave my road to
The ultimate kingdom of heaven and eternity.

  • Angel Anto

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