Amazing Grace — the story behind the lyrics

In the year 1725 was John Newton born
Nurtured in the Word by his devout Mom
But she left for her eternal Home one new morn
Ere the young Newton was all but seven

His father was a mariner at sea
And found no time to stop and see
The growing need of the young Newton
Who by eleven was broken, wild and full of sin

To keep the growing teen from the snares
His father coaxed him to join him at sea
But young Newton was more reckless than when onshore
And tried in vain to break loose and free

Enslaved body and soul, Newton found no reprieve
When left to toil on West African soil
And grew more depraved, ruthless and in despair
Till he set sail again homeward bound

A raging storm at sea cast fear all around
And Newton called out to his once dear Lord
Who calmed the sea and saved the bound
And steered them safe to solid ground

God then set to restore and heal
And helped young Newton grow in zeal
To break the chains of those in need
And calm the soul with the Word to feed

And one night as Newton mused on the love of Jesus
His spirit swelled and birthed the lines of Amazing Grace
Echoing Newton’s testimony that he was a great sinner
Saved, restored,healed, and forgiven by God’s Amazing Grace.

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