A Guide Through The Darkest Midst!!

Jesus, a friend at the deepest of realms
His love and compassion overwhelm.
In times of darkness, when hope seems to fade,
With open arms, He comes to our aid.

Bound by faith, an eternal bond!
His words of wisdom a treasure untold.
With every step, by our side
Guiding us through, the thunderous ride.

When storms rage and troubles abound,
Jesus a friend is constantly found.
Calming the seas with a touch of his hand,
Whispering peace as he demands.

A friend who listens with a compassionate ear,
He soothes our worries, erasing every tear.
In his reign we find our rest,
Knowing a friend who knows us the best.

Jesus a friend beyond earthly measure,
His divine love an incomparable treasure.
No other companion can fill this deep void,
His presence, a joy that cannot be destroyed.

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