A car requires a driver and  fuel for its proper functioning. Without these two main important aspects, the car may not work proper. A driver is required to control the car to go on a straight path and he decides whether to turn right or left without getting hit on obstacles and its fuel to keep it going without getting tired for a long time. Thus, a car needs both of these for reaching its goal/ destination.

Our Christian life is similar like this car. We need a fuel to keep us running daily without stopping. You know what? the fuel for every Christian is the Holy Spirit, meditation of the Word of God and a daily prayer are the right fuel for our spiritual journey on the path of salvation. Our one and only driver is Jesus Christ, who controls our path, and He is the one who decides in what way we should go. That is why we should give our life to the hands of the driver to safely reach our destination, with a rightful mind and soul satisfying the needs of our daily life.

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