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The history of the SS ministry of the church extends to over four decades. It has been an integral part of the church since its origins. The ministry has laid great emphasis on teaching the Word of God to the younger generation. The SS ministry also places a lot of importance on teaching Christian songs and hymns. At the end of the academic year, students are given an opportunity to express their knowledge of the Word and all are rewarded for their participation and contribution. A talent night (endearingly named Anniversary) has also been organised every year and students present variety of programmes ranging from group songs, skits, musical dramas etc. 

The early unit consisted of a handful of students and 4 to 5 teachers. It has since grown to serve around 70 students and 16 teachers supported by a team of 9 who teach action songs, contemporary and classical Christian hymns. The IPC SS curriculum is currently followed from Grade 1 to Grade 13 and students of KG1 and KG2 are introduced to the Christian faith through songs, audio-visuals, and scripture verses.  The “Anniversary” event has also grown in scale and quality, thanks to the dedication and tireless effort of very talented teachers, meticulous music and video orchestration and versatile support team. 

During summer vacation, common sessions are held where external and internal resources are utilised to expound on topics that have an impact on the daily lives of youngsters. The annual picnic is also a much-awaited date on the SS calendar. The main objective of these sessions is to foster bonding and Christian fellowship amongst the Sunday School students. Talent development programs are also conducted to train and encourage our children to enhance their potential. 

Late Pastor G Geevarghese was an enthusiastic proponent of this ministry and left no stone unturned to promote its growth along with that of the church. We have a rich legacy of many anointed and dedicated brothers and sisters who helped build the ministry in its formative years through their prayers, tears and untiring efforts and some names are certainly worth a mention as we walk down memory lane….

Pastor Ammachi (sis Saramma Geevarghese), Bro Thomas Varghese (Rajan uncle) & Sis. Marykutty Varghese (Boston), Pastor Jacob Muthallali & Sis Mercy Jacob (United States), Pastor Abraham Philip (Dubai), Bro. A.J. John (Kerala) and Sis Gini Johns Prakash (Canada).

The abundant mercies of the Lord has sustained the SS ministry to function uninterruptedly even amid the uncertainties and challenges of the times. Based on the unfailing Word of God that children are an heritage of the Lord, the SS ministry is resolute in its mission to train and equip the young generation who will serve the Lord with fear and abound in Hope, Faith and Love.

Sunday School Administration - 2024

Raju Cherian

Br. Raju Cherian

Head Master
Betty Gigi

Sis. Betty Gigi


Teachers -2024

G P Mathew

Br. G.P Mathew

Santosh Abraham

Br. Santhosh Abraham

Elizabeth Thomas ( Usha)

Sis. Elizabeth Thomas

Nelson Abraham

Br. Nelson Abraham

Simi Santosh

Sis. Simi Santhosh

Lency Varghese

Sis. Lency Varghese


Sis. Dowlin Johnson

Liju Koshy

Br. Liju Koshy

Jincy Joby

Sis. Jincy Joby

Servin Liju

Sis. Servin Liju

Joanna Gigi

Sis. Joanna Gigi

Rintu Joby

Sis. Rintu Joby

Jincy Blessan

Sis. Jincy Blessan

Lydia Raju

Sis. Lydia Raju

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-07 at 2.50.26 PM

Sis. Elizabeth Mathew

Elaine Dennis

Sis. Elaine Dennis

Sunday School Song Division -2024

Reji Abraham

Br. Reji Abraham

Sis. Elsa Thomas

Sis. Elsa Thomas

Mercy Ebin

Sis. Mercy Ebin

Kenaz Thomas

Br. Kenaz Thomas

Jaison Jacob

Br. Jaison Jacob

Support Team-2024

Br. Kevin Oommen

Br. Kevin Oommen

Joshua Gigi

Br. Joshua Gigi

Blessan Zachariah

Br. Blesson Abraham Zachariah

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