Sodharee Samajam


Greetings in Jesus’ name

The role of women in the church and ministry is inevitable.Throughout the scriptures it is clear that women were active in the religious life of Israel and the church in various ways.These women were used powerfully by God in varying ways.

     The Bible clearly reveals that on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit filled both men and women alike without concern for gender

        The ‘sodaree samajam’ is a sister concern of our church. Today the sodaree samajam’s essential function is to serve or assist in the growth  and healthy sustenance of the church, by and for women through spiritual activities.We strongly believe in recognizing and supporting the contribution of women in the ministry of the church.

     Today, by God’s grace we have a strong and blessed leadership for leading the sodaree samajam. Every first Wednesday of the month we have sisters’ meeting in our church and sisters involved in different activities. Really it is a blessed occasion for them to use their talents and spiritual gifts for the glory of God. I really thank the Lord for the contributions of our sisters for the expansion of the kingdom of God. May the Lord almighty use everyone mightily the day is to come.

Sodharee Samajam

Sis. Saramma GeeVarghese

Sis. Jincy Mathew

Sis. Rosamma Abraham

Sis. Elizabeth Thomas George

Sis. Smitha Salmon

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