Instrument of God

Once upon a time there were two sisters
One, elder sister and one young sister
Once, the younger sister’s face was pale, shoulders hunched and looking down.

The elder sister asked, “Tell me, what had happened…your big sister is here to listen, why bear alone with tears glistened? ”

The younger sister said, ” I practiced singing the song for church but what if I mess up the words?
Like everyone, beautifully I want to sing
But what if I mess up, what shall others think?”

Elder sister smiled and replied, “Let’s pray and God shall make a way!”

And so the duo prayed with hearts contrite,
Sang songs glorifying God, the true Light,
The Bible, they opened, Numbers 20 greeted their sight.

They saw how Israel’s children
Were in the wilderness of Zin
Very thirsty, they were for water they were complaining.

They saw how God told Moses to speak to the rock
But Moses being frustrated from the people, only struck the rod on the rock

They saw how God told Moses, that because Moses didn’t believe to hallow
To the promised land Moses can’t follow.

“Aw, that’s sad,” the younger one said.
The elder one thought out loud, “God wanted simple trust and obedience
But Moses in his annoyance thought of the miracle as a performance
While God sent Moses to be his instrument ”

“Oh!”, the little one exclaimed
“Can we be God’s instruments too? Is it our promise to claim?”

The elder sister beamed,” yes indeed! As we trust and obey in what he has called us to do as his instruments,
Lesser the worrisome thoughts of performance!”

The younger one smiled and clapped in glee. “You’re right big sis, God did show me a way out in this!”

In the church, the younger one sang with glad heart
The words of the song touching all hearts and her heart
And she rejoiced in being his instrument in her heart
And as time grew she spread His songs to those near and far apart.

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