Fragrance of Christ

Once upon a time in Nolan house, the two sisters were giddy with excitement since the school just got over!

“Time to say goodbye to books!” , the younger one, Beth cried out.

“And to exam pressures!”, the elder one, Grace sighed out .

Both of them started making chits on what they could do together. This was what they used to do every vacation and they would get their parents to vote as well.

As they were deep in cutting pieces of papers, they heard their mother.

“Girls! here, take these empty boxes and throw them out!” Their mother was spring cleaning and decluttering the boxes.

“Yes, mama!”, they replied in unison. Both of them took a look at the rather large gift box. A sudden scent hit them.

Beth took a long whiff contently as Grace figured out its name. “Frankincense.”

“What if we keep our clothes in this box? So they could smell the same?” Beth asked but didn’t wait for her big sister’s reply; rather she ran with the box to their room. Grace went along with her sister’s musings.

And so both of them took some clothes and packed it into the box. The box stayed on their bed and they soon went to continue making chits.

Soon their mother saw the box and grew surprised. “Girls, why is this still here? Wasn’t this also included in the other boxes I gave you to throw?’’

“Mama, the box had this awesome smell so I thought sister and I could put our clothes in so they also will have this amazing scent!” Beth couldn’t contain her glee as she almost rapped.

Beth really love the frankincense mama, “ Grace tried to explain, to their mother didn’t seem to understand what Beth was trying to say.

Their mother couldn’t help but chuckle. “Alright then girls, we shall see what happens in a few days”

A week passed by all too fast.

The clothes which were in the box were put on, and washed and dried and put back into the box more then once.
And all of a sudden there was a wailing sob.
“What has happened? What’s wrong?” their mother came into their room hearing the call of distress.

“Mama! The frankincense is no more on the clothes! Its all gone!” , Beth, the eight year old girl, didn’t expect this to happen. She wished it could stay much longer.

“My dear child, even you too spend you Sunday school classes and church meetings… does the fragrance of Jesus stay with you after you leave the church? Obeying His commandments and abiding in Jesus even in the smallest things you do?”
Beth’s mother asked.

“But- mama”, Beth tried to make a sentence but she faltered. She realized how true what mother said.

So that’s what our memory verse was, oh! , exclaimed Grace

2 Corinth 2 :15
For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.

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